Most common receptionist interview questions


A company receptionist performs the different formal roles including answering telephone calls, arranging meetings and handling customer complaints. So, in an interview for the receptionist position, the interviewer always asks the questions which are related to the receptionist’s job and skills. Here you would learn the common receptionist interview questions and answer. 

Although the receptionist performs the roles directly related to the customer service, most of the companies the receptionist position comes under the administration department.

The employment company or the interview team is always looking for candidates with outstanding organizational skills to create a successful workplace environment.

Although you may be asked about the bookkeeping and scheduling experience in an interview, effective communication is the most important skill that you need to demonstrate to impress the interviewer.

Receptionist Skills and Qualifications:

  • Phone handling Skills,
  • Effective Speaking,
  • Virtual Office Skills,
  • Effective Listening,
  • Professionalism,
  • Good Customer Service,
  • Organizational Skills,
  • Other Information,
  • Stress Management,
  • Supply Management Skills

When you answering the question, Give personal stories about times when you’d pleased a disappointed customer or worked around a scheduling conflict.

Since I worked with many clients for employee recruitment, I have conducted many interviews with receptionist candidates for overseas needs.

I am pleased to send you the frequently asked interview question for the receptionist position in order to enable the young ladies to obtain receptionist jobs. To learn more follow this link 

Source: 20 Common receptionist interview questions make you to success – Close Career


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