How to write a professional resume in 10 minutes?

how to write professional resume

How to write a professional resume: In your job searching process, the first move is to have a perfect resume. No matter how intelligent you are there is little chance to get a call for an interview if you have not applied your job application with a perfect resume.

I’ve seen many people around me who have wonderful work experiences and have the related skills for the position, can not bring those things into the resume. The unprofessional CV or resume is the main reason they hardly find a good job.

Amongst the job seekers, there is a trend to copy an online pre-built resume or CV and use it on behalf of them. This is not the best way to prepare a resume because, in this document, you should not represent others. In another world, Your skills and experiences may not match with some others.

If you don’t know how to shape your resume or CV, it can be better trying to find out resume writing services that can write a professional resume within a few minutes on the lower charges.

Some online resume templates or CV templates also can help you to format your resume but be careful as far as possible because you should incorporate your skills and experiences just, not to include nice skills and experiences that have existed in the template.

There is no time for recruiting managers to review all documents that you have submitted with a job application. They will only check your curriculum vitae or resume for a couple of minutes then determine which applicants will be called for an interview.

Before writing a resume here are some things should be notified;


1. Your resume should be attractive

The professionally formatted resume is needed for a company to call you for an interview, so that, you never have confidence in your ideas. I mean if you think your curriculum vitae is fine, you need to change your curriculum vitae to the right way for a company to want.

The first step is to define the goal. Which position you are applying for? As long as you are new to the job market, I highly recommend starting from low positions.

I’ve seen resumes with a lot of positions there. Likewise, an architect, developer, and tester. I will say to choose a position for which you want to apply then write your resume to convince people that you know this role perfectly.

Source: These four things are important for a professional resume. – Close Career

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