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It is the most frustrating part of the job-hunting process that many job-seekers are applying for different positions but not responding your job application from the single employer.

In today’s competitive world, job-seeking has become the toughest job in a person’s career. Especially in the case of a new candidate, this situation has arisen several times because many companies love to hire candidates who have skills and experience related to work.

I heard the grievance of many candidates, “if, each company hires experienced persons then who would hire a fresher.”? That happened to me too, every interview the interviewers kept questioning me “how many years experienced did I have?” when I responded no experience. They said the role needed 2-5yrs experienced.

Today in this post I would explain why the employer did not respond to your online job application? even though you customized your CV as per the job requirement and were confident to get the interview call.

There could be many reasons behind the door why no one is calling you for an interview, but, here are some common causes which end your job application without hearing anything from the side of the employer.

What does my experience say?

As I have been remaining in the Gulf region for more than 20yrs and working with many recruitment companies I found some crucial reasons why the employer companies ignore the job applications that are from different countries instead of candidates who are already in the country.

Every day I get numerous resumes and CVs from the job applicants but I also do not reply much of them because there is a similar reason why I or the employer companies in Dubai do not reply to your application.

The reasons for not responding your job application from Dubai employers? visit the full article by clicking following link

Source: Not getting a call for an interview

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